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Women of the Bible Speak Out

Publisher's Summary:


Can I find Hope and Healing in This #MeToo World?

With the recent headlines about gender-based abuse, power, harassment, and assault, it seems as if everyone is searching for answers. In Women of the Bible Speak Out, Marlo Schalesky provides a biblical response to the tough questions raised by these issues. She explores the stories of twenty women in Scripture, including Eve, Sarah, and Bathsheba—women who were betrayed, abused, endangered, blamed, and shamed. As she leads us in studying the biblical text, she draws our eye to God’s responses to these women and their situations:


  • Sarai was betrayed by her husband
  • Hagar was used and thrown away by her so-called lover
  • Tamar was raped by her half-brother and rejected by her family
  • Hannah was devalued by her family and community because she had no children
  • Abigail was endangered and defended herself against her abusive husband
  • Bathsheba was sexualized and raped by a powerful king
  • The women at Jesus’s tomb were doubted by their friends because of their place in society as women


 Marlo points out a way to healing, wholeness, and freedom in Jesus. In the midst of today’s #MeToo conversations, Women of the Bible Speak Out will give new voice to the remarkable women of Scripture—and new hope to many women today. 


Title: Women of the Bible Speak Out: Stories of Betrayal, Abuse, Healing, and Hope

By: Marlo Schalesky

Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 240

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing

Publication Date: 2020

ISBN: 9781640700109

Women of the Bible Speak Out

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