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Woman, Evolve! Break Up with Your Fears & Revolutionize Your Life

The most unappreciated woman in history is Eve. We're so blinded by her mistake that we don't see how she gathered the pieces she had left and dared to revolutionize her life. In a vivid reinterpretation of the story of Eve, as found in the book of Genesis, Sarah Jakes Roberts helps us to learn lessons on womanhood and the strength hidden in Eve's story. 


Have you ever found yourself asking, "How do I grow from here?" Sarah Jakes Roberts has and believes every woman has an opportunity to dig deeper and grow wiser regardless of what they've gone through. Sarah reminds us that everyone faces trials, and everyone will mess up. But invaluable lessons that can unleash the fullness of our identity are found in our darkest moments. 


In Woman Evolve Sarah helps you take the focus off your fears, insecurities, and mistakes and shows you how to use them to break through to your future. Working It Out sections help you. 


  • open your eyes to realize you are not out to options,
  • acknowledge the generational impact of your decisions,
  • overcome feelings of inadequacies,
  • discover and trust who you are in God,
  • take a leap of faith, and
  • become who you were meant to be.


Like Eve, you do not have to live defined by the past. Don't attach your life today to who you were but to who you can become. Your life's purpose does not change; it evolves.


Title: Woman, Evolve! Break Up with Your Fears & Revolutionize Your Life

By: Sarah Jakes Roberts

Format: Hardcover

Number of Pages: 197

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: 2021

ISBN: 9780785235545

Woman, Evolve! Break Up with Your Fears & Revolutionize Your Life

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