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The Thomas Whitfield Company - Power Class Pack

Includes 16 songs (2 LPs on 1 CD), The Thomas Whitfield Company's Brand New, and Minister Thomas Whitfield Proudly Presents The Michael Fletcher Chorale's Jesus...He's The One:


  1. Jesus...He's The One!
  2. I'm In Jesus, No Condemnation
  3. Rejoice, I Say Rejoice
  4. Jesus Is Still Passing Out Blessings
  5. Jesus...That's My King
  6. On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand
  7. He Will Bring Life
  8. Oh, To Be Kept
  9. He's Coming Back Again
  10. Repeat The Sounding Joy
  11. Your Shed Blood Can Save Today
  12. Christ Makes The Difference
  13. Bebdiction
  14. Brand New
  15. That's How The Lord Works [That's Just Like God]
  16. That's When He Saved My Soul

The Thomas Whitfield Company - Power Class Pack

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