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Sunday Morning 2023 Wall Calendar

Many who catch a glimpse of a woman elaborately dressed in colorful attire tastfully paired with an ornate hat, immediately have memories of Sunday morning. This tradition dates back to the days of slavery when African American women, who labored in the households and fields, would toss aside their drab uniforms to replace with their own vibrant finery and make their way to church. Something as beautiful as these women adorning themselves on Sunday mornings, affords us the remembrance that it is in Christ that we are truly free, radiant, and victorious.


African American Expressions™ proudly presents the next installment of our 2023 Sunday Morning calendar featuring women of confidence and class, all elegantly dressed in their Sunday best! Beloved daughters of the Lord our King, these women take delight in clothing themselves in ways that serve to display their crowing glory. Featuring encouraging words from scripture each month, Sunday Morning is sure to uplift and offer you inspiration all year round.


  • 12" x 12"

  • 4 mini-view months of 2022

  • 12 full page months of 2023

Sunday Morning 2023 Wall Calendar

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