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Personal Size Giant Print KJV

Giant print for readability, convenient size, useful study helps, and references make this the ideal Bible for both devotion and study.


For nearly 400 years, the Authorized Version of the Bible - popularly known as the King James Version - has been beloved for its majestic phrasing and stately cadences. No other book has so profoundly influenced our language and our theology.


This KJV Bible offers giant print for readability, is enhanced by useful study helps and references, and features a convenient size for easy portability. Its easy-to-read type, affordability, size, and reference features combine to make it the ideal Bible for both devotional and study purposes.



  • Words of Christ in red
  • End-of-verse cross reference system
  • Handy concordance
  • Comfortable 11.25-point type
  • Bible promises
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Miracles of the Old Testament
  • Miracles of the New Testament
  • Parables of the Old Testament
  • Parables of the New Testament
  • Old Testament prophecies of the Passion
  • Personal presentation page
  • Full color maps

Personal Size Giant Print KJV

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