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GNT Good News Bible, Blue Paperback

The Good News Translation of the Bible seeks to state clearly and accurately the meaning of the original texts in words and forms that are widely accepted by people who use English as a means of communication. This translation does not follow the traditional vocabulary and style found in the historic English Bible versions. Rather it attempts for our time to set forth the biblical content and message in the standard, everyday, natural form of English.


  • Easy-to-read Bible text
  • Highly-trusted version of the complete Bible in everyday language translated from the original languages by members of the American Bible Society’s Translation Team.
  • Book introductions and outlines
  • A “quick look” for each book of the Bible
  • Maps and word list
  • Handy 2-color reference maps
  • Subject Index
  • An alphabetized subject listing of people, places, objects, events, and their Scriptural references
  • Chronology of the Bible
  • Timetable of events beginning with the creation up to the first century A.D.
  • The Word List
  • Identifies many objects or cultural features whose meaning may not be known to all readers
  • Septuagint Passages Index
  • An index of passages from the Septuagint version of the Old Testament that are quoted in the New Testament

GNT Good News Bible, Blue Paperback

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