Fear Not

Fear Not; GOD Almighty is for You - Scripture based tract-booklet inspiring faith & reliance upon the LORD.


Fear Not; GOD Almighty is for You is a part of a six book collection of Christian mini-books written for the purpose of salvation, inspiration and revelation. Through her writings author, Marleen Merriweather, shares with you what GOD has shared with her since she became Born Again in the summer of 2010. Booklets are pocket size, inexpensively priced, and easy to distribute --- Great for churches, businesses and individuals who have a strong desire to share the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST!


Other mini-books in the collection include:

  • GOD Chose You - Scripture based tract-booklet beautifully inviting the reader into a relationship with our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  • GOD's Healing Word - Narrative writing on how to receive healing from GOD in all areas of life.
  • Be a Doer of the Word; Managing Your Emotions GOD's Way - Narrative writing on how to apply Scripture to everyday life situations.
  • The Last Days; Will You Endure Until the End - Scripture based tract-booklet warning against apostasy due to false teachings and/or hardships.
  • Financial Blessings from the LORD - Narrative writing emphasizing the Biblical significance of working.

Fear Not